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Consulting Services

When working with a partner credit union, we first seek to identify what area(s) are holding back the success of their mortgage operations. Mortgage lending is a complex operation, and sometimes a small misstep in just one area can make it difficult for the whole machine to operate properly. Once we have determined which area(s) we can help you improve, Superior Financial Solutions can:

  • Conduct training seminars for your staff on improving sales productivity or how to properly structure a mortgage loan/app ("putting a deal together").
  • Help you earn secondary market sales approval through Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, or the Federal Home Loan Bank.
  • Help you improve your efficiency and remain in compliance by rewriting policies and procedures.
  • Provide marketing design for mortgage services and media buying services.
  • Participate in the interview process with prospective in-house mortgage lenders to ensure you select the right candidate to fill your opening.


Processing & Underwriting

Superior Financial Solutions has a number of ways to get your credit union on the path to successful mortgage lending. No employees are necessary and your credit union collects a fee just for taking the application and collecting all supporting loan documentation (pay stubs, bank statements, etc.). The professionals at Superior Financial Solutions will then process the mortgage loan, order all pertinent appraisals, credit reports and flood certifications, prepare the closing documents, and underwrite the loan to ensure it meets secondary market guidelines. We can then sell and service the mortgage loans, saving you the hassle and overhead!


Secondary Market Sales

The key to competitive pricing in the mortgage arena is the ability to sell into the secondary market. Changes to the GSE’s following the housing bubble of 2008 have made getting approval as a new seller/servicer very difficult. At Superior Financial Solutions, we work with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the Federal Home Loan Bank, and FHA/VA and USDA Rural Development and can pool your mortgages with those from our other partners to get your members the very best pricing available from the secondary market while maximizing your credit union’s return on investment!

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